OFF GRID: without a house to sell!

e-book by Sarah Clack

How to get a foot out of the door towards a life of freedom from rent and debt, how we did it - the 'Waki' way... This book is for those feeling trapped by an unfair system and who want to live a freer life on their own terms.  [Read More]


Sarah is an artist and writer living the ‘van life’ with her husband Ryan in a motor home called Waki. Through their own unique journey from a life in debt to a life of freedom, they know a thing or two about the struggle of living without the aid of a comfortable grip on the housing ladder.


We dreamed of the ‘off grid’ lifestyle quite early on and we must have read and watched every article, free book, and video that we could lay eyes on at the time. Did they help? Some did, but most didn't!

Most guides go something like; step 1. pay off all your debts, step 2. sell your house, step 3. buy land with the ton of money you now have and go and live off grid on it!

“Easy for you to say...” I would grumble, “what about those of us who don't own our house and can barely afford to keep up with the rent as it is never mind suddenly pay it and settle our debts - whilst already working two jobs?!”

Not all that long ago, despite earning an average to good wage each, we were buried in debt with bailiffs knocking at the door and no hope of ever seeing enough cash in the bank to put a deposit down on anything of our own. Now we stand free of the weight of the bills that once held us under. We have a roof over our heads that is 100% ours, we don’t pay (much) rent, most of our electricity is free, and if we get bored of the view we can move at a moments notice – we live in a motor home. But wait! You might be thinking “I don’t want to live in a van, I want a farm!” Us too, perhaps, one day… it’s the dream of all dreams to own enough land to feed and house us with no reliance on the rest of this mad world but a dream is all it will stay unless you find a way there, and this is our way.

I suspect that you're reading this book in particular because of the title, OFF GRID without a house to sell ! So I figure you’re already struggling to pay a large rent bill each month and, like we did, currently feel miles away from realising your off grid dream of freedom and happiness? More than likely you’re feeling many of the same pressures we also suffered under, by that logic we may be able to help you wriggle free.

“If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!” Right? That's right! I’ll tell you now, getting out of the system is not easy. To master this message you need to be able to think outside of the societal norm. Note that I don't suggest you ideally think differently, I'm afraid there's no sidestepping it, you need to. The good news is you probably already do – you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t! So despite what life has shown you so far, and despite what everyone else has said you still believe that there is a way off grid and away from the soul sucking live-to-work system. It’s true, the door is not closed and you CAN still make your escape!

Here’s the harsh truth: too many folks set their sights on a seemingly impossible horizon that will forever remain a dream if they don’t at least start down the path towards it. Yes, a farm or a couple of acres of land is expensive, and planning permission hard to come by – but a van/motor home/yurt or other tiny home solution that fits your family isn’t… you just have to figure out where to park it. Once you’re at that stage you can do the math and figure out how much and for how long you need to save for the deposit on the land/farm/woodland etc for your happily-ever-after.

The thing is, we also understand that even saving enough money to buy yourself a ‘tiny home’ is a monumental stretch when you're renting and in debt – so I figured we could at least share how we managed it and offer a few suggestions along the way as well as plenty of positive encouragement to help you do the same…  [Read More]


OFF GRID: WITHOUT a house to sell! e-book


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How to get a foot out of the door towards a life of freedom from rent and debt, how we did it - the 'Waki' way...

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