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5 Super Easy Changes to Live Healthier

We'd all like to feel healthier but with so much conflicting advice and fad diets out there where do you start? Also let's face it, choosing the healthy choice isn't usually the fun option so of course we'd rather not, yet in our experience, you really don't need to make drastic changes to feel the benefits and to start to feel that little bit healthier.


See below for our easiest top 5 tweeks to your daily habits to help you to be that little bit healthier: 

2. Dedicate 10 minutes every day to meditation. Seriously, DO IT! Meditation doesn't actually have to be the cliché pose above, nor does it have to involve chanting, religion or being weird - unless you want it to! Simply sit yourself comfortably on the sofa or bed (TV off!) for a while and focus your thoughts on the centre of yourself for a few minutes, it's OK if you need to scratch your nose or fidget a bit. Feel your breath enter your lungs and fill your belly too, breathing out slowly and relax. I'm not very good a sitting still anywhere (which is exactly why I need to!) so my meditation is mostly a slow and focused stretching routine, with careful breathing which I suppose is a healthy extra! Think of it as your daily mental-defragmentation, use the time to analyse what's going on in your mind and give it a clear out of the unnecessary. Contrary to popular belief you don't have to clear your mind of all thoughts, just acknowledge each thought without judgement as if from a 3rd party. Remember, if you don't feel like you have a spare 10 minutes in your day then there's even more of a reason to do it!3. Drink plenty of water, we hear it everyday and for good reason! Your body NEEDS water to function properly and you will find you feel more flexible, can think better and have clearer skin. I like to divide the day into sections, eg. Aim to drink 1 litre by lunchtime, another litre by dinner, and a final litre by bedtime. Wait, that's 3 whole litres of water! That's right, we need that much! If you’re not so organised try setting your watch to beep every hour to remind you to have a drink, or buy yourself a nice re-fillable drinking bottle to help you actually enjoy drinking your water (and so you don't spend your weekly food budget on pre-bottled spring water!).

Need more persuading? See what drinking 3 litres of water per day done for this woman> 

4. Go Organic! There are so many reasons to go organic I don't know where to start! The main reasons we switched is to reduce the dangerous chemicals in our bodies and the environment, to help ensure that wildlife is not impacted like with soul-less intensive farming practices, and for the much better flavour and quality. It's not really the farmers fault, it's ours for pushing the price too low. Organic farming practices for meat also means that the animals must live a more natural, and therefore happier, life too. Make yourself choose at least 1 more organic product every week or even better, grow your own food! We now source the majority of our produce via the veg-box (and meat!) delivery company Able & Cole which has actually saved us a lot of precious time and money compared to shopping in supermarkets. If you're wondering where to start, I suggest you switch to organic milk first for a massive impact on your own health and well being, and that of the cows that produce it for you. 5. Snack wisely. Fancy something nice in the evening in front of the telly? Munch on a healthy snack like a fruit and nut mix, or have a yoghurt or a smoothie for your sweet fix. Popcorn is a very healthy snack, if it's not covered in toffee or butter! Consider for a moment why you want a snack in the first place, if you're actually hungry then go for something more filling but if it's out of boredom try choosing something that's fiddly to eat instead. Nuts with shells on will keep you busy for longer so you're less likely to eat an unhealthily large portion throughout the duration of a movie! If you still really want the chocolate or crisps after that then at least you’ve eaten some useful nutrients first, and you’re ultimately going to need less of the naughty snack to feel satisfied. For the best of both worlds try our super easy homemade Nutty Choc-Crisp Bar recipe!

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