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Camping with candles safety

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.netImage courtesy of freedigitalphotos.netAh candles, they are quite possibly the most romantic mode of lighting ever invented and ironically are possibly also the fastest way to send your romantic getaway to ruin!

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding candles and your camping trip:

Candles and tents do not mix!

Most tents and awnings these days are made from Polyester and Nylon, which both burn easily and quickly. It's something I've personally been very aware of since an early age, I asked a school friend what had happened for her to have severe burn scarring over her face and body. To my young horror she told me of how her tent caught fire whilst she was inside, within a matter of seconds she was scarred for life – sobering stuff to hear even for a 5 year old.

No matter how organised a person you are, the floor of the average tent is one of those spaces that inevitably becomes a tangle of clothes, rucksacks, sleeping bags and pillows. Coupled with uneven ground candles are far too easy to knock over to risk having nearby or inside, even in a jar, so just don't take the risk - full stop!

Give them space.

We do have lit candles in Waki the motor home on occasion, but suffice to say you need to be careful in how you position them or move around the living space. Waki is quite a large motor home with plenty of headroom and distance between the overhead cupboards and the surface the candle is on, but even still a stray sleeve could easily pass by and be caught! Make sure they're positioned well away from curtains, hanging clothes and elbows. We certainly wouldn't suggest using them in smaller campers or van conversions at all.

Our wedding banquet lit with LED candlesOur wedding banquet lit with LED candles

Party piece!

We may sound like party poopers ruining all of your romantic plans but there IS an alternative to set the scene without tragedy! There is an extensive range of LED candles available on the market today to buy or even rent, some of which also include remote controls so you can turn up the romance without even needing to step away from your one and only! Real smooth ;)

We rented some beautiful wax effect LED candles for our medieval-themed wedding banquet as there was just too much risk from errant children, drunk guests and long sleeved dresses! Needless to say we, and our guests, were sold on them immediately as a worthy replacement to the real thing as the hall looked beautiful! I'm a real fuss-pot when it comes to things looking realistic and I approve of these!  

Buy safe LED candles on Amazon!

Buy safe LED candles on Amazon!

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Sarah is an artist and writer with a lifetime interest in camping and survival techniques.

Living the #vanlife since before it was a hashtag and touring on two wheels with her husband Ryan, they have a wealth of camping and motorcycling knowledge to share, and know a thing or two about packing light! read more

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