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The Waki Way - Living full-time in a motor home

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We always seem to get asked the same questions about living somewhat off grid in a motor home, to which the answers seem to spark a dozen more questions! So (to give our voices a rest!) here's the answers to our most frequently asked questions...

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How to Make your own Wax Food Wraps 

How to make a wax food wrapCotton food wraps are great to use for your sandwiches and leftovers instead of cling-film or aluminium foil and you'll never have to buy sandwich bags again! Beeswax is anti-bacterial, they fold flat in storage, are somewhat repairable, and once they've finally been worn out they are biodegradable too. What else could you want from a food storage solution?      

Make any lunch time feel like a special picnic!  

They are also a way to up-cycle any left over fabric, the wrap in the pictures used to be our duvet cover (until Ryan kicked a paint tin off of the bed platform onto the duvet below during the re-fit!). The paint-covered fabric became rags for the garage, and the paint-free areas became wax wraps and a shopping bag. If you don't have any fabric laying around already then try looking around some charity shops for some that you like for even more good karma points! 

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See below for how to make your very own waxed cotton food wraps:   


What you'll need:                                

Clean cotton Fabric


Waxed greaseproof paper/aluminium foilBuy Pinking Shears on Amazon now!Buy Pinking Shears on Amazon now!

Pure beeswax (beads or grated)

Scissors/Pinking shears


*You can also try adding a hem and threading elastic or string through to secure as a cover for bowls or casserole dishes!


To prepare:

Decide on the size of wraps you need, it's best to measure around what you intend to store in it to ensure you make them big enough! Cut your fabric roughly to size, allowing an extra inch overlap if intending to have a hemmed finish. 

Step 1.

Spread out the greaseproof paper or foil to protect your work surface from excess wax. Lay your fabric on top. I prefer to lay a hand towel underneath to help cushion it and to insulate the counter further from the heat of the iron, I also cover the iron's surface with foil to keep it clean for future use. 


Step 2. 

Sprinkle the fabric liberally with the beeswax and run the iron over it so it melts into the fabric. Add more wax wherever needed until the entire surface on fabric is saturated with it. Remember you need enough wax to waterproof the fabric but too much can make it difficult to fold properly. If you think you've added too much wax, lay another piece of fabric on top and iron them both to soak up some of the wax. 


Step 3. 

Peel the fabric quickly from the greaseproof/foil surface whilst still hot, it will dry in 2 seconds. If it's stuck anywhere simply run the iron over the area again to re-melt the wax.

Step 4.

Finish by cutting the edges neatly with straight edged scissors or pinking shears for an attractive zig-zag edge. Place your food in the centre, then simply fold around it to keep it fresh!


Step 5 (optional)

You can also add a hem (use waxed cotton or nylon) with elastic or string to gather the edges as a bowl cover instead of using plastic containers. An attractive and effective way of keeping the flies off during summer BBQ's! Alternatively attach a strip of velcro or sew on a couple of buttons with some waxed cord to secure the pouches closed. 


To care for your wraps simply wipe clean with cool soapy water. If any areas become a bit roughed up from frequent folding, sprinkle on a little more wax and re-iron them! For hygiene reasons it's not recommended to use the same wraps for raw meat as for cooked food - why not colour code your wraps by using red fabric for raw meat? !


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