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The ULTIMATE list of vegetarian MRE’s

We’ve scoured the web for the best veggie camping & backpacking food, so you don’t have to! Discover 20+ camping packet meals below, complete with links to buy:


Veggie MRE Pouches

Pros = can be eaten hot or cold, no additional clean water required.

Cons = contents can make quite a mess in your bag if damaged!


Wayfayrer MRE's:

 Wayfayrer Veggie Chilli

Vegetable Chilli with veg mince and soya protein.



Wayfayrer Veggie CurryVegetable Curry with Rice



Wayfayrer Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding made with vegetarian suet.



Wayfayrer Sticky Toffee PuddingSticky Toffee Pudding, can be eaten hot or cold.




Off the Beaten Track range of ready to eat pouches:

(calorie information not available)

All Day Veggie Breakfast


Vegetarian All Day Breakfast

With vegetarian herb sausages, beans, veggie ham & omelette pieces.

Veg Curry with Rice


Vegetable Curry with Rice.

Gluten free and suitable for Vegans.


Gluten free Korma MREVegetable Korma

Gluten free.



Dried Food & MRE’s (just add hot water)

Pros = extremely lightweight, a longer shelf-life.

Cons = need safe water & time to rehydrate before they can be eaten.


Adventure Food range by Trekmates:

expedition breakfast


Expedition Breakfast, a fruity instant porridge.



Muesli with fruit & honeyMuesli with fruit, honey and sunflower seeds

(add COLD water)



Vegetable HotpotVegetable Hotpot. Potato, vegetables and soya pieces in a herby bouillon sauce.



Mushroom PastaPasta with Mushrooms, and Leeks in a creamy Emmentale sauce.



Chocolate MousseChocolate Mousse – instant camping pudding mix akin to chocolate Angel Delight!

Just add water!


 Fruit Curry

Fruit Curry with pineapple and rice.



Expedition Foods range:

Freeze dried for better texture and nutritional value, with a shelf life of up to 5 years! Made in Britain.

Porridge with strawberries


Porridge with strawberries and cream 800kcal. Pricey compared to the rest of the range but then it’s made with some luxury ingredients that are bound to lift spirits after a tough day!

 porridge oats with sultanas

Porridge Oats with Sultanas, 800Kcal. Popular porridge recipe, just add hot water.


veg tikka with riceVegetable Tikka with Rice.

Gluten free.



spicy noodlesSpicy Vegetable Noodles.

Oriental vegetable mix with ginger and spices.



med veg pastaMediterranean Vegetable Pasta.

Mediterranean vegetables, pasta shells and black olives in a creamy herb sauce.


custard with apple dessert 

Custard with Apple pieces, dessert.



Firepot range by Outdoor Food:

Award winning delicious and healthy dried ready meals, made in Dorset from 100% natural ingredients.


Dal & Rice with spinachDal & Rice with spinach. Gluten free & suitable for Vegans too!

Choose from 500kcal or 750kcal pouches. 

 Porcini mushroom risotto

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Gluten free and suitable for vegans.

560kcal or 830kcal. 


Tinned Vegetarian Meals

Pros = strong packaging, tin itself can be heated in place of saucepan.

Cons = Heavier than pouches, bulky waste to carry home.


Spanish rice & red bean soupAmy’s Kitchen produces some fantastic Organic meals, the Gluten free vegetarian Spanish Rice & Red Bean soup is especially hearty and delicious. 277kcal per can.

Increasingly available in quite a few supermarkets or buy by the case on Amazon.

chickpea & bean tagine 

Organic Chickpea & Bean Tagine from Free & Easy. Gluten & soya free & suitable for Vegans.

Only 156kcal per can.


braised tofuBraised Tofu, mix with canned corn and peppers for a veggie alternative to tuna salad or add to other recipes in place of chicken.

organic rice pudding 

Organic Ambrosia Rice Pudding tin.

Eat hot or cold for the perfect camping treat! 



  • Always try a meal at home before you travel, better to find out you don’t like it at home and not when you’re depending on the calories!
  • Buy in bulk if you can, many stockists offer deals on multiple purchases.


Other veggie & vegan products


Rude Health Organic Almond Drink – made from a blend of Almond milk and added rice for sweetness and to bring fullness. This is the nicest non-dairy milk alternative I’ve personally tried and it blends well in tea or coffee, with a nutty (of course!) but quite neutral flavour overall. Great with cereal or porridge. Nut milks keep well at room temperature without going bad unlike real dairy milk so are perfect for the wilderness. 


Gluten Free Vegetable gravy mix from Free & Easy. Suitable for Vegans.The perfect accompaniment to some creamy instant mashed potato! We love these handy sachets from Whole Earth.


Free & Easy Cheese flavour Sauce Mix.


Organic Coconut Milk Powder from The Coconut Company (who clearly know a thing or two about coconuts!) is a convenient dairy alternative, suitable for Vegans.

dried soya chunks 

Organic dried Soya chunks from Whole Earth are perfect combined with dried mixed veg for making your own MRE mixes at home.


We hope you found this guide helpful, let us know your favourites in the comments below!


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