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Milenco Internal Thermal Motor Home Blinds

We bought a set of Milenco insulated covers for the cab windows and the windscreen before our first Winter really kicked in. Before these we'd just been using the previous owners' windscreen cover, which seemed to be sized for a tiny car so left a large gap for the seeping cold and it was clear that we needed something better to survive!


The Milenco blinds really are fantastic! We noticed a dramatic temperature difference immediately. They have the usual insulating bubble-wrap and foil combination but with a few extra layers of metal mesh, include their smart-fabric backing. They come with suckers to secure them to the glass which albeit can be a bit of a challenge to keep in place, but if you keep the windows clean and dampen the sucker pads they stay put in the end.


They have helped us in Summer too by keeping the interior cool. With the sun beating down on the windscreen and side windows the temperature inside can soon become unbearable but with the blinds that heat is reflected away. For the most all round insulation we use reflective inserts in the other windows (we actually made ours from the old car windscreen reflector!).


They're a universal fit type but are at least actually designed for motorhomes/vans so do cover all of the glass and even overlap slightly. Externally fit blinds are also available from Milenco which stop condensation on the glass but we still prefer the internal type better. With internal blinds you can fit them whilst still sat in the dry, and remove them safely away from any trouble if something happens outside!


So in all we thoroughly recommend that you invest in a set of  Milenco Thermal Blinds! We’ve found that by using the blinds we can save fuel by not using the heating on cool nights by retaining the ambient heat inside.


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