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The Waki Way - Living full-time in a motor home

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We always seem to get asked the same questions about living somewhat off grid in a motor home, to which the answers seem to spark a dozen more questions! So (to give our voices a rest!) here's the answers to our most frequently asked questions...

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Dr Bronners Magic Castile Soap

I love this soap, it really is magic! It's suitable for use on both your hair and skin, contains no nasties, is biodegradable and you can also use it for washing clothes and even the dishes! 

I originally purchased it when we were planning a wild camping trek around Dartmoor, we were going to be hiking for several days so had to travel light and I didn't want to have to pack a myriad of single purpose soaps and washing up liquid etc. To help travel ultra-light I actually sliced a small chunk off of the main bar (a gram here and there can soon turn into an extra kilo to carry!) and rolled it in a zip-lock bag with a washing up sponge. 

I personally prefer the citrus one as the scent is quite neutral, but there is a wide range to choose from if you'd like something else. Liquid versions are also available but I find that with a bar you do avoid the risk of it leaking in your bag and since liquid soap is mostly water you do get more actual soap for your money and its carrying weight with a bar!

Dr Bronner's soaps are often recommended to help treat skin conditions like eczema and acne as they contain a variety of beneficial essential oils and do not dry the skin like regular soap. It is a fairly expensive bar of soap as far as soaps go, but it lasts an immensely long time and is worth every penny. I now don't buy any other brands of soap and have even switched to using it instead of shower gel and sometimes shampoo with great results!

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My name is Sarah and in 2011 my husband Ryan and I decided to buy and re-fit an old motor home - we named it Waki and now live in it full time in the UK!

We live neither on or off-grid, rather somewhere in between, and are not the first and I dare say not the last to choose this way of life... read more>> 

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