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Simplehuman Recycling & General Waste Sliding Bins

The little bins by Simplehuman are fine for the occasional weekend away if you're happy to empty them everyday, but for more frequent use you need something bigger! Since recycling is so important to us I also wanted another bin to separate the recyclables into, with enough room to collect it all until we pass a community recycling point on our travels. This sliding set from quality manufacturer SimpleHuman is absolutely perfect!

The black bin is slightly larger than the blue one, and together they total 35 litres of capacity. Although we figure the blue is for recyclable items and the black for general waste but we now use them the other way around since we found our recycling takes up more space than our non-recyclable waste.

They're very simple to install (just screw the runner frame into place on the base of your cupboard) and really do glide effortlessly in and out - so well in fact they'd occasionally pop out of the cupboard and say hello on a bend! Although they would always glide politely back in again on the next one, we decided to install a 'stay-arm' to hold them in place whilst driving! :D

Don't think that the bin cupboard door is going to waste either, see our recycled milk bottle instructable>

What we like best about these is the fact that you get an extremely roomy set of bins that fit neatly into a narrow 300mm cupboard, far surpassing anything that hooks onto a door or that has to be 'constructed' out in the awning and we didn't have to give up doing our bit for recycling!

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