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Real-life Stories of Conservation & Adventure in wild places

You don't have to be animal-mad to be inspired by the stories these incredible people have to tell, though in all likelihood you will be by the end of them! On the front line against poaching and the destruction of nature all over the world, these folks have risked their lives for something bigger than themselves and I thank them for doing so by sharing their stories with you... 


Pippa's Challenge by Joy Adamson

Joy and George Adamson have to be my number one inspirational couple in the field of conservation. They made their home in Kenya and have been successful in releasing captive bred animals into the wild including the famous lioness Elsa in 1956, the story of which was told in the 1966 film Born Free. George founded the wildlife reserve Kora in Kenya in 1970 as a place to continue to rehabilitate and release captive bred lions from all over the world.

Pippa, the Spotted Sphinx, and her cubs are the main characters whose story proves that not only can a tamed animal like a cheetah be successfully rehabilitated but can then breed offering hope for the continuance of the species as a whole. My copy was returned to the cycle of charity books so is out there somewhere bringing Joy to more people, yes pun intended – what a woman! ;)



Survivor's Song by Mark & Delia Owens

Second only to Joy and George Adamson in my list of inspirational couples, are the incredible Mark and Delia Owens, and I think they'd be OK with that! Shortly after getting married they sold everything they owned and moved to Africa to study the large carnivores, and have been in more survival scenario's than you could dare to imagine all in the name of saving wildlife! They have been shot at, arrested and deported, rolled vehicles, battled storms and corruption, as well as the perils of using a light aircraft in the war torn, desperate and remote areas of the African bush.

After their exile from Botswana following the release of their first book 'Cry of the Kalahari' they went searching for another place to study and came across a seemingly deserted valley, an Eden full of the rich diversity of the African wilderness – that is until they discovered the remains of hundreds of poached elephants. Yet again scientific studies took a back seat as they began the fight to save the remaining inhabitants from the poachers guns.



Red Ice: My Fight To Save the Seals by Brian Eversham

Brian Davies has been an animal welfare activist for over 50 years and is one of the founders of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). Like many conservationists, once you've set eyes upon a scene such as the red ice of Canada you have no choice but to be forever involved to stop the barbarity. He was harassed and arrested for speaking out and even, when it became clear that he would never give up until there was no business in seal fur, an attempt was made on his life and that of his wife which by a bizarre twist of fate they narrowly evaded!

His story is a thriller worthy of Hollywood, if only there wasn't still money in the bloody business of clubbing. It's a heavy read, to chill your bones further than any work of horror fiction possibly could but there is still a sense of hope within the pages.



Wild Life by Simon King: Amazing animals, extraordinary people, astonishing places.

The extended title certainly sums up Simon's extraordinary life so far and his humorous and descriptive story telling makes this autobiography a real joy to read. He has been savaged by a rabid Cheetah, charged by Rhinos and Elephants, and been knocked unconscious by a mother Swan to name just a few of the incredible stories he has to tell! 

Recognisable from his TV programs Spring Watch and Big Cat Diary among others, Simon has an infectious enthusiasm and a true affinity for the natural world and it was fascinating to read more about his life and career as a childhood actor, wildlife cameraman and presenter.

Also available on Kindle, audio CD and download!


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