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The Waki Way Motorcycle Diaries - Blog

Britain really is a beautiful place, and we love exploring wherever and whenever we can. A motorcycle can turn what would be an otherwise boring car journey into an unforgettable adventure!

Ryan has owned a motor bike (or three!) every year that he's had a licence to do so - on or off road, he really doesn't mind! Before then he rode Schoolboy Motocross and has of late been delving into the world of Supermoto and Enduro so there'll be plenty more fun to come..


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Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

Posted 23/5/2018

This weeks article plus upcoming UK biker events (from the newsletter):


Keeping COOL on a Bike
On some of the hottest days of the year, folks all over the country zip themselves into thick leather suits, heavy boots and jackets, before climbing on top of an even hotter engine - we must be mad! 
We share our tips on keeping cool...
Survive the hot weather in leather! >

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Motorcycle topics & Product of the week

Posted 4/5/2018

Last week saw us dust off the camping kit for an impromptu trip to the Rowrah Karting Circuit in The Lake District and a spot of glamping in the borrowed Suzuki pop-up Gazebo. As the sun shone Ryan took to the track for a Supermoto session and set the impressive quarry walls to echo with the sound of engines!

Keep reading for this week's pick of our motorcycle articles as well as our product of the week:

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Supermoto - The Best of Both Worlds

Posted 26/7/2017

It's no secret that Ryan loves riding motorcycles. In fact it's why you're here, reading this section at all!

Since the tender age of 4 he's enjoyed riding off-road, though he also loves a spot of tarmac to tear up a tyre or two so what to do...? Why do both of course!

With Supermoto you can have your cake, and eat it too, with a change of wheels and a few simple tweaks here and there. Some Supermoto tracks are 100% tarmac, often borrowed Karting tracks, but there are plenty that incorporate a tricky off-road section to navigate as well, jumps and all!

Ryan originally transformed his old bike, the Alfer VR 250, but having begrudgingly sold it in order to upgrade to the Honda CRF 450 he was itching to get some wheels and adapt that one too - so that's exactly what he did...

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TT 2017: part 3

Posted 19/6/2017

The wild boys of the backroads by SulbyThe wild boys of the backroads by Sulby We awoke on Sunday to find that our friends had arrived safely while we slept, having journeyed through the night, and were catching up on some much needed sleep of their own in their car. We decided to leave them be, having taken the night ferry ourselves on past trips, tiptoeing past their car and back across the wet grass to the tent for another hour or so!

After briefly making our greetings later on we parted ways, they headed to Douglas for a guided tour of the island as we headed for Ramsey and the mountain road. The sun decided to show it’s face setting the scenery aglow, though despite the good weather our pass of the mountain had to be completed in two parts due to an accident diversion. We’ve come to expect that for every time we make it up onto the mountain, it will be closed the next – a constant reminder of the danger it’s corners contain should you lose focus for a second. Of course, therein lies the appeal!

While we awaited the reopening of the road, Ryan steered the ‘bird to the narrow back roads of Ballaugh for an exploratory interlude. Admittedly the farming roads out there are much better suited to more robust bikes of the off-road variety, but we rode the bumps well, albeit slowly (for Ryan!), along tunnels of trees and between the high hedge-banks. Crossing the course at Sulby we continued into what we’ve nicknamed ‘the interior’ of the island, the network of small roads that wind their way through misty glens to reveal the heights of Snaefell. It’s an area marooned from the rest of the island when the track is live and still one of our favourite parts to explore. There bluebells nod on the hillsides beneath twisted trees blanketed by moss, stone circles stand in waiting, and roosters roam wild! Yes you read that correctly, roosters - to be found chillaxing by the river with apparently nowhere else to be...

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TT 2017 tour: part 2

Posted 13/6/2017

Friday – the mountain road opens one way, not that we’d make it…!


The building heat inside the tent woke us early, and we emerged to seek out the cool breeze across the grass. Still alone in the field we retrieved our milk from the spot in the shade and ate our breakfast cereal on the picnic blanket. I know, we of all people have heaps of fancy camping recipes to whip up for breakfast, and of course I’d pre-packed the mix to make our favourite Oaty Pancakes for at least one morning, but we’ve found that for most days it’s far easier (also cheaper and with less washing up…) to munch on a bowl of cereal instead!

Packing as light as is necessary for a trip on the bike has it’s limits, which for a week away sweating under heavy jackets and armour meant that we’d have to do some laundry this time! I’d stowed a mixture of laundry detergent and fabric softener in a travel-bottle and so we hand washed our stink away, hanging the clothes out to dry along the fence beside our tent. Each item of clothing had been carefully chosen from material that would dry quickly and layer-up well, in case we wasn’t so lucky with the weather. Although I normally encourage the wearing of natural fibres, you can’t beat polyester for it’s wicking and drying properties!


For all the day started well, it didn’t exactly go to plan when old problems returned...

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Isle of Man TT: 2017 tour

Posted 8/6/2017

As much fun as we had, last year we told ourselves that we’d give the next TT a miss, since money was tight and we have a huge list of jobs to do around Waki to get her back on the road. The trouble is however that the Isle of Man has a way of luring you back, so of course it was somewhat inevitable that we’d find ourselves checking for travel dates on the Steampacket ferry website. Before we knew what was happening, a night or two as foot-passenger with friends turned into a week on the bike! I’m sure I’ve written this exact scenario already before...


Although our trusty steed from previous years (the lovely VFR) is, well, lovely - Ryan has never bonded with it as well as he had hoped. With high fuel consumption, hefty weight, and relatively low power for all it’s initial promise, Ryan’s eyes continued to wander ebay listings. Of course, in order to purchase something new Ryan would need to sell something from his collection, a cruel task to ask of a man, however necessary! Fortunately, the friend with whom we would be travelling, was in need of an off-road bike and had the perfect bike to offer in a straight swap (belonging to his Dad but available to sell as part of a debt settlement), so Ryan said goodbye to the unusual Alfer VR250 and hello to ‘the bus’, a beastly powerful Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird.

There is more to the backstory of this particular bike, a strange twist of fate, or simply coming from a small village in a small world...

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Isle of Man TT races 2016: practice week tour

Posted 10/6/2016

Another year and we were back again for more, I think we can officially say that after our first visit last year the Isle of Man has truly got a hold of us and we'll be going every year! Feel free to join us, or share some memories of your own in the comment sections... we love an excuse to talk about the place at length!

This year we intended to be able to stay for the whole two weeks to experience the TT in it's entirety but alas we were restricted to practice week once again. It was an honour to celebrate with my cousin and his beautiful bride on their wedding day, even though it meant returning to chilly England on the first of the race days to catch it! Judging by what little money we had left after just one week however, it was probably for the best!

Our journey began early on Saturday morning, needing to be at the docks in Liverpool for 9:30am. The lovely VFR was loaded up the night before and, after a few failed attempts to squeeze the particularly heavy and wide shape through the awning doorway, was left covered and waiting for the night outside. From previous journeys we knew that we should aim to stop every hour where possible which we managed well enough so didn't collect too many aches on the way up. Since we were travelling nice and early, the roads were fairly clear and this time we stuck with the motorways the entire way – though the square state of the tyres gleaned a frown from Ryan on later inspection...

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TT 2016

Posted 23/5/2016

It's that time of year again, when the most famous road racing circuit in the world echoes to the screaming sound of motorcycles at their very limits. Time to dust off the tent and panniers – we're off to the gorgeous Isle of Man for 5 days of stunning scenery and thrilling road racing action! Only 5 days and 8 hours to go whilst I write this according to the official website's countdown! :)

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Beaches and biker boots

Posted 10/5/2016

My boots enjoying the view My boots enjoying the view Like most Sunday mornings we sat on the sofa, a cup of tea in hand and bacon breakfast settling in our bellies. The heat of the day was building to sweltering and we already had all of the vents and windows open in the motor home.

“You know we could get to a beach in just a couple of hours?”

Ryan says the sweetest things. I compared the idea of a day crunching sand underfoot, sea breezes and exploring winding lanes to the day of laundry awaiting me here at base camp...

What else was there to consider? “Let's go!”  

It was almost too hot to be putting on the bike gear, but the idea of being able to dip our toes in the cool sea was a lure we couldn't resist! We scrambled for the things we'd need, threw on our armour and hit the road sighing relief as the buffeting wind worked it's way down our spines and up our sleeves. Verdant green fields and brilliant yellow shone in the sunshine, and cherry blossoms celebrated the hedgerows urging us onward... 

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Summer Fun at the home track

Posted 26/1/2016

Ryan really does have the best luck in life - not only do we now have a permanent 'base camp' and parking spot for Waki down to his job (for which he gets to play with all manner of off road vehicles!) but he also has himself something of a moto cross track in his 'garden'! What more could a boy dream of? Also not forgetting the extremely tolerant wife he has, that also makes lovely bacon sandwiches and coffees... ;)

The 'garden' is actually the field around us in which our landlord's Alpacas freely roam, it's really not ours but Ryan enjoys telling people he has a race track in his garden! It's used mainly as a test track for the various buggies, tractors and ATV's that Ryan and his colleagues are working on and is closed during winter out of necessity as it gets a bit wet, but once the puddles had retreated and the heron had left it was open for fun again!

So what has Ryan been up to in the 'garden' this summer? See below for a few pics...

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Living the #vanlife since before it was a hashtag and touring on two wheels with her husband Ryan, they have a wealth of camping and motorcycling knowledge to share, and know a thing or two about packing light! read more

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