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The Waki Way - Living full-time in a motor home

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We always seem to get asked the same questions about living somewhat off grid in a motor home, to which the answers seem to spark a dozen more questions! So (to give our voices a rest!) here's the answers to our most frequently asked questions...

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Erasable Highlighter - Map Pen

Quite possibly the most useful map marking pen in existence! What more can I really say about them other than, you highlight a route or other important locations on your Ordnance map or Road atlas then can erase it when you're done leaving you with a nice clean map for the next adventure.

Highlighting really helps to draw the eye faster which is great for finding a spot quickly and safely through the plastic map case on a motorcycle tank bag for a quick peek at traffic lights etc. Plus no chance of mistakes by accidentally finding and following a similar route nearby instead of the one you're actually on!

There's also that sense of fun that comes with using clever stationery like this, like invisible ink it's almost MI5... well OK not really but they are handy pens. You should totally buy one...or three! ;)  

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only £4.35 for pk 3

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About us:

My name is Sarah and in 2011 my husband Ryan and I decided to buy and re-fit an old motor home - we named it Waki and now live in it full time in the UK!

We live neither on or off-grid, rather somewhere in between, and are not the first and I dare say not the last to choose this way of life... read more>> 

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