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The Waki Way - Living full-time in a motor home

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We always seem to get asked the same questions about living somewhat off grid in a motor home, to which the answers seem to spark a dozen more questions! So (to give our voices a rest!) here's the answers to our most frequently asked questions...

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Some Organic myths  - debunked!

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Since making the switch, we've heard all kinds of weird myths about Organic food so I thought perhaps I should write a quick post to debunk some of the more common ones we hear! 

It's natural, so will taste bad! Far from it! In our experience organic meat and veg has far more flavour than it's chemically treated counterparts. Organic baked goods can still have sugar in them too, it's just that the sugar has been grown and processed in a way requiring no chemicals.

It's too expensive for the average household. Not necessarily. Yes it does generally cost more to buy organic over 'treated' at the supermarket but if you shop in the right places it's not that much more. There is also the vastly cheaper option of growing your own, starting a veg garden could well be the most important decision you ever make! The weird thing is that when we first began the switch to Organic we were surprised to actually save money each week by signing up to an organic veg box scheme! It's fantastic value to buy veg that way and we found that because we spent less time in supermarkets we weren't getting duped into spending money on all those 'offers' and weren't using as much fuel driving ourselves into town.

These days, now that we buy pretty much everything Organic, our shopping bill is higher than it was before. Personally I consider the higher cost to be a worthwhile expense to having a healthier, happy body and a more harmonious planet ecosystem.

It will have bugs in it! Actually yeah, I won't lie sometimes there are 'extras' hanging around in a head of lettuce but a quick rinse soon sheds them - and I'd much rather see a few of those occasionally than be eating invisible but carcinogenic chemicals every time!

It's impossible to grow enough organically to feed the nation. After World War 2 the pressure on producing as much food as possible on home soil gave birth to the intensive agriculture we know today. Advances in technology and biosciences meant better machinery and stronger fertilisers and pesticides to manage larger areas of crop with fewer people, which worked very well in terms of quantity though not quality. These days science is progressing even further through Permaculture, to be able to produce far more food Organically than we could ever have imagined meaning that if we choose to neither us or nature has to compromise! Not yet convinced? Have a look at what these splendid people have accomplished:

It means it's healthy so you can eat as much as you like! I'm sorry to say but Organic food can still make you fat! Much like 'gluten free' the organic label seems to be taken as meaning that something is a healthier option. Of course it is healthy in terms of not containing the kinds of dangerous chemicals other foods can contain and is ethically better for the environment it was grown in, but apart from that a packet of Organic biscuits still contains the same sugar, carbs and fat! Mind you, fewer chemical irritants does mean less chance of inflammation around the body...


Hopefully we've helped clear up some of the confusion that seems to be getting spread around, if you want to know more about Organic food and its certification visit the Soil Association> they're the real experts in the field! ;)


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