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Simple Bacon & Spinach Breakfast Quiche

Somehow ended up with an abundance of eggs that need using? Then a quiche (or two) can be the answer! You don't need any cream or other fancy pants ingredients, just a splash of milk will do and some regular cheddar – although cream does make for an ultra-indulgent picnic party piece if you can stretch to it.

A lot of the preparation can be done in advance, especially the cooking of the bacon and mushrooms - just make extra when you're enjoying a fry up and pop it in a tub in the fridge. Pastry also keeps well wrapped tightly in cling film either in the fridge or freezer, allow to come up to room temperature before you attempt to roll it.


A slice goes a long way since quiche is very filling and high in protein. Spinach is jam-packed with iron and other healthy vitamins and minerals, yet it hardly imparts any flavour so don't be afraid of it if you wouldn't usually think of eating it with a bacon and eggs breakfast - it also works with you to help hold the egg mixture in place whilst moving the wobbly ensemble to the oven. You can absolutely use frozen spinach balls, just allow them to defrost slightly whilst you get everything else ready and roughly chop.


You will need a Quiche Tin for creating the traditional fluted edge to the pastry, the kind with the removable base (like this one) makes it easy to remove your creation without crumbling if the bottom sticks slightly - and in the spirit of minimalist multi-use items you have yourself a spare baking sheet that's perfect for baking mini pizzas too!



Shortcrust pastry (100g butter + 200g plain flour & pinch of salt)

3-4 large eggs

a splash of milk

1 or 2 small spring onions, chopped

1 handful of baby spinach

4 rashers of cooked and chopped streaky bacon

100g grated cheese

1/2 cup sliced mushrooms

salt & pepper

+ optional handful of cooked diced potato or grilled tomato.



1. Prepare your pastry if making yourself, and roll out  evenly to approx. 5mm thickness. Cover your greased quiche tin with the pastry, carefully pushing into place and lightly prick with a fork.

2. Trim any overhanging pastry from the outer edge of the tin carefully with a knife and fill with baking beans if you have any. Baking beans help to support the walls of the pastry and keeps the base nice and flat for your fillings. If you don't have any don't panic, you can substitute dry rice in a layer of foil to weigh it down instead, though that seems an awful waste of rice to me so personally I'd rather risk a bubbly base! Bake the base for 5 mins in a moderately hot oven, until lightly coloured.

3. In the meantime beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper and add a splash of milk.

4. When the base is slightly brown remove from the oven and remove the baking beans if used. Scatter the spinach evenly over the base, and top by sprinkling with the bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and any other fillings you've chosen.

5. Pour the egg mixture carefully over the fillings, taking care to fill up all the gaps and not to let it overflow (no-one likes cleaning the oven bottom on a good day..!). Depending on how many fillings you included you may be left with too much egg - keep any leftover in an airtight tub in the fridge for up to 2 days for use in other recipes eg. breadcrumb coatings, or for ultra thrifty points use the pastry scraps to make another mini bonus-quiche in another baking dish!

6. Bake in the hot oven for approx. 20 mins until the filling is no longer wobbly, turning if necessary for even cooking. If the pastry edges or top appears to be starting to catch, lower the temperature or tray.

7. When it's done the filling should be firm yet spongy to touch, if at all unsure you can test it by inserting a skewer which should come out clean. Allow to cool slightly in the tin before turning out onto a wire rack to finish cooling. Enjoy collecting up all the tasty little bits of pastry...  'bakers bonus!' :D 


Quiche: the healthy high in protein enjoy-anywhere breakfast or lunch in a slice!Quiche: the healthy high in protein enjoy-anywhere breakfast or lunch in a slice!


A quiche is the kind of thing that you can throw any old mix of goodies into but my go to recipe (and Ryan's favourite take-anywhere lunch!) is this simple bacon, mushroom and spinach affair. It depends what you like of course, if you don't like mushrooms (like me) then substitute something else that you do like. I love to include a jammy layer of caramelised cherry tomatoes in my own version yet Ryan can't stand them hence his is the mushroom edition! A few dollops of cream cheese about the base make for a luxuriously creamy result too, if we have any I always include it! Of course you can swap the bacon for pieces of ham or chorizo, or even omit it altogether for a vegetarian option. Try it with chunks of roasted squash and charred peppers for a slice of summer?


Enjoy hot or cold for breakfast and lunch. Perfect with a handful of fresh salad leaves on a picnic!  Let us know what you put in yours in the comments below...


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