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No-cook SUMMER meal ideas

If the Summer heat has you paled at the thought of using the oven (especially in a metal box like a van or caravan!) you’ll be pleased to have these no-cook meal ideas ready to enjoy:


Breakfast & snacks (besides cereal)

Chia seed ‘porridge’ by Raw Food recipesDIY yogurt fruit 'corners'DIY yogurt fruit 'corners'

Overnight porridge oats by The Kitchn

DIY Yogurt 'corners' with compote/fresh fruit (top with nuts and seeds for more sustaining energy)

Protein ball recipes from Fitness Magazine


If you really must have the oven on, make the most out of it and get prepared for the next day while you’re at it with these:

Healthy carrot muffins from Food Network

Healthy Banana bread by Cookie & Kate

‘Jumping jacks’ - fruit and nut laden flapjacks for a good boot of energy to get you up and out there. See our recipe for flapjacks and substitute some of the oat weight for nuts and fruit!



A few slices of ham or salmon folded over some fresh salad makes for a lovely light meal on a heavy summer day or make the most of that leftover roasted meat from the Sunday dinner.

A previously boiled egg (make extra whenever you fancy egg and toasted soldiers) keeps well for up to a week in the fridge and adds protein to your meal without needing to fire up the hob again - likewise cook extra bacon while you're dirtying a frying/grill pan and keep it in the fridge.

Salad is an obvious choice in hot weather and can be as exciting as you wish to make it - buy, forage, or grow some more interesting and nutritious salad leaves to add to the mix to make it a satisfying meal.


Salads don’t even have to involve lettuce at all, dial it up a notch with this lettuce-free salad from wholesome yum> 


DIY Salad dressings:

How to ace the basic vinaigrette

Creamy Honey & Mustard – a classic combination

Maple Balsamic

Raw Garlic salad dressing

Lemon & Honey



Last but by no means least! A home-made sandwich doesn’t have to be a sad slice of ham between bland bread, you have it within you to make the best damned sandwich you could possibly desire so get creative, we’ve included a few ideas below to help you (move over Subway…).


- Proper chicken salad (leftover roast chicken + as much yummy salad as you wish and exactly the kind that YOU like!)

- Hand-carved ham from the deli counter (I know I said no ham but this kind is far from sad!) + smoked cheese & onion marmalade

- Minute Steak/Leftover Roast Beef + caramelised onions, or more onion marmalade!

- Minted Lamb. Another great use of any leftovers from the Sunday roast, mix with some sweet mint jelly and press between crusty bread. Finely sliced red onion optional.

- Keep it light and fancy with some cucumber & cream cheese.

- Crispy bacon bits scattered over home made egg-salad, don’t forget to add some peppery cress (bonus points if it’s foraged!).

- Smoked salmon and leftover scrambled egg, Ryan likes this one best on a bagel or muffin. We do like our leftovers…


Why not bake your own bread (though I know that counts as cooking but you only have to do it once to enjoy the rest of the week...), or buy something more interesting than the depressing square stuff filled with E-numbers that claims to be bread? You can buy artisan breads with apricots in it for goodness sake so live a little!


What do you think? Add your favourite no-cook meal or sandwich filling in the comments below to continue to inspire, or to incite a heated debate about how x and x should never be put together… Either way we’d love to hear from you!


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