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DIY Fruit Topped Yogurt 'corners'

make your own fruit topped yogurt 'corners'Natural yogurt is a great ingredient for your breakfasts and snacks since it’s full of gut-friendly bacteria alongside a decent portion of protein. There’s also the bonus that many folks find it much more digestible than other forms of dairy! The trouble is, it’s a bit boring by itself so no wonder millions of people opt for a sweeter versions.


Even without the high sugar content and other additives in a certain well known brand of yogurt, the penny pincher in my winces at the price tag – I’d much rather pay 33p per 100g* of ORGANIC natural yogurt and add my own fruit than pay 45p per 100g* of NON-organic yogurt!

Keep scrolling for some ways to make yours even healthier...


1. Pop several tablespoons of natural plain or Greek yogurt into a tub and several teaspoons of your fruit compote/jam into a smaller pot.

2. Add another small pot of any crunchy extras you fancy (nuts, chia seeds, rice crispies or granola).

3. Combine them at lunchtime and enjoy!


And there you are, your very own fruit topped yogurt snack set you can throw together in a matter of seconds (and far less single-use plastic!).


Healthier options:

Make your own fruit compote. Regular jam uses a high sugar content (equal amount as fruit!) as the preservative to keep for a long time at room temperature but it isn’t really required for flavour, especially when your fruit is nice and sweet to start with. Simply chop and cook your fruit until soft in a heavy based pan, add just enough sugar to get a flavour you like and keep in the fridge to store safely for up to a week (freeze in small batches for longer term storage!).


Rather it raw? Omit the sugar altogether and blend your raw fruit into a thick smoothie and use that instead of jam!


Can’t do dairy? Use your favourite soya or coconut yogurt instead.


Why NOT low fat or ‘light’ yogurts? Personally I steer clear of anything that’s been ‘messed with’ in order to reduce the fat content. Mainly because we’re beginning to understand that fat isn’t the big bad wolf we once thought but industrially processed foods and refined sugar is.

I trust my body is happy with natural fat (in fact our brain requires fat in the diet) but not so much with extras like modified maize starch which is often added to ‘light’ yogurts and has a lot of intolerant folks suffering unexpected flare ups. The ‘big brand with the infamous corner’ also uses the artificial sweetener aspartame in their light yogurts which is frankly appalling to anyone aware of the chemicals sordid history...


Go easy! Just because it’s natural and fruit doesn’t mean you can go overboard without any repercussions, there’s a reason the branded yogurts come with a pitifully small portion of the good stuff compared to the amount of yogurt! Sugar is sugar, no matter the healthy source. Add extra if you like but don’t go crazy with it else your blood insulin will spike, of which consistent over production (and the subsequent crash) has been linked to the progression of diabetes and heart disease.


*price comparison example from Ocado 11/1/18 exclusive of deals.


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