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Cheats no-whisk Thick Lemon Cream

What do you do when you're miles from home and don't have a whisk but you're craving the indulgence of whipped double cream? You could beat it with a fork until your forearms give out, or if you have some lemon juice around – you could cheat! Of course if you don't have any lemon juice on hand you're stuffed so sorry, but hey I gave you a chance here...


1. Take some double cream and add the lemon juice a few drops at a time stirring briskly in between until it's the consistency you want. The result is a slightly sour thickened cream to dollop into whatever recipe you had in mind. Simple as that!

Using a little science (aka magic!) the acid in the lemon juice thickens milk products by causing the proteins to cling together. It's essentially the process that turns milk into yogurt, except with yogurt we rely on bacteria to provide the acid.

2. Spread over scones or alongside sweet berries for an indulgent dessert anywhere, or since it has a sour note throw in some chives and you have yourself a rich savoury sour cream for tacos...


Of course it won't be exactly the same as real whipped cream, you don't have quite the same fluffy texture since there's not the air that a whisk traps in place. The sharp tang of the lemon works well with really sweet things like jam, if you want it sweeter you could always add a little honey or fine sugar but I'd be careful about playing with it too much since you're relying on the correct PH to make the milk proteins behave like they do.

Also make sure that you're using real dairy cream and not a synthetic 'cream alternative' which uses vegetable oil, emulsifiers and other chemical stabilisers to mimic the texture of cream. I can't imagine that it would work the same way since it will be lacking the same level of proteins, but let me know if you know better...

Let us know what you think in the comments below or how you got on if you have tried making it with anything else!


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