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Sticky Hot Maple Marinade

Rsticky hot maple marinade BBQ recipeyan loves sweet and spice and all things nice, so naturally he’s in charge of making the delicious marinades for our BBQ’s and this one has it all!

This recipe goes well on everything from vegetables and mushrooms, to chicken or ribs!


Buy the best maple syrup you can afford, it really makes a difference! It's pricey stuff I know but that's what makes this a special treat. Beware of the too-good-to-be-true cheap bottles of maple-flavoured syrup, 'flavoured' always being a suspicious word it's likely a chemical-laden refined sugar syrup made to taste like the real thing.Depending on how much you're planning to marinade you may need to double the recipe, use any remaining mixture to brush over the meat or vegetables as they finish cooking, allowing for each layer to caramelise before brushing again


Turn up the heat! Ryan also likes to add a glug of shop-bought hot sauce to this recipe for an extra spicy kick for those who can handle it. It certainly makes for a thick layer of intense heat and flavour!



100ml maple syrup

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 finely chopped chilli / 1 tsp dried chilli powder or flakes (use more if you like it hot!)

salt & pepper

1/2 tsp Paprika powder

2 tbsp. olive oil

+ optional glug of your favourite hot sauce



1. Combine all ingredients in an old glass jar, or a dressing-shaker if you're that fancy! Give it a shake up to mix.

2. Pour over your chosen vegetables for skewering or meat in a bag or tub. Massage the marinade in to ensure everything is properly coated and pop into the fridge overnight or for at least a couple of hours until you're ready to cook.

3. BBQ on a gentle heat, brushing on any extra marinade as it cooks. If the sugars in the marinade begin to burn, remove from the heat or reduce the temperature.


Warning! Chilli is great for you but extremely irritating to the eyes and other delicate skin so be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before rubbing your eyes, itching your nose, or (for the chaps) visiting the toilet..! Don't say we didn't warn you ;)


TIP! Chicken wings, legs, and pork ribs all benefit from a long slow cook so start them covered in the oven for an hour or two on low (with the marinade) before finishing on the BBQ. 


We'd love to know what you marinated and how it turned out so leave us a comment below!


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