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DIY Shish - Healthier Kebabs Recipe

DIY shish - healthier homemade kebab recipeForget greasy Saturday night Donners made from goodness knows what! This is real, succulent, summer comfort food that's actually quite healthy too - depending on how much sauce you pile on anyway! Make them from diced Chicken or Lamb, or both if that's what you like. The meat can be cooked loose in a frying pan but the traditional (and the tastiest!) shish is skewered over a BBQ or open fire, either way they cook fast and taste great.

We love these SO much that a few years back we actually made the delicious kebabs (pictured above!) as our 13 year anniversary meal, cooked on our travel BBQ on a sunny evening in the wilds! Afterwards we sipped on bubbly and watched the moon rise... See kebabs CAN be romantic!


Choose the best quality meat you can find since it's to be the star of the show, diced chicken breast (free range of course!) and lamb leg steak.



Diced lamb / chicken

Olive oil to coat

Paprika powder

dried chilli powder / chilli flakes

crushed & finely chopped fresh garlic / dried granules or flakes

salt & pepper


Pitta breads + choice of salad to serve

Garlic mayo / Mint yogurt (yogurt is way healthier than mayo...)


Method:raw shish kebabs marinating

1. Add the meat to a plastic tub and massage with enough olive oil to coat each piece.

2. Sprinkle evenly with a light coating of the paprika, chilli and garlic. Season with salt & pepper.

3. Pop similarly sized pieces of meat onto skewers (feel free to add slices of vegetables like pepper or courgette to your skewer stack for extra flavours and nutrition!). Allow  the meat to marinate for at least an hour in the tub, keep in the fridge or a cooler until ready to use. 

DIY shish kebabs cooking on BBQ4. Grill over the fire or BBQ, or fry in a dry pan, at a medium heat (cooking time will depend on the size of the meat pieces). Depending on your preference lamb can still be blushed pink in the middle, but ensure that all chicken is completely cooked through for safety!

5. Lightly toast the pitta breads before splitting open and piling in the meat.


Top with fistful of salad and enjoy with your choice of sauce!


Let us know how (or where) you enjoyed yours in the comments below...


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