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The Waki Way - Living full-time in a motor home

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We always seem to get asked the same questions about living somewhat off grid in a motor home, to which the answers seem to spark a dozen more questions! So (to give our voices a rest!) here's the answers to our most frequently asked questions...

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Home Made Tortilla Bread Wraps

Home made Flour Tortillas - camping & BBQ recipesThese flour tortillas are super easy to make and delicious compared to the store bought ones or pitta bread, which taste stale by comparison. They’re a bit tricky to get completely circular but I suppose that comes from practice, trust me they taste great whatever the shape!


Buy Ring Holders on Amazon now!Buy Ring Holders on Amazon now!*tip* As with any dough recipe make sure that your hands and rolling/kneading surface are squeaky clean and that any wedding rings etc have been stashed safely away (jewellery can harbour some nasty germs underneath, plus it’s fiddly business to have to scrub dried dough out from around any stones. I also make sure to have a bowl of warm soapy water ready to clean me up afterwards. See these gorgeous ring holders to keep your jewels safe whilst you work! >     

Cheeky Cheat – for camping put the dry ingredients into a zip-lock bag or small tub and just add water when you’re ready to roll. If you’re going to be far from your kitchen use the back of the frying pan or a chopping board as your rolling surface, the dough can be pressed out flat with your hands without a rolling pin or use something smooth and round from your kit as a substitute. See our Camping Mentality article for more on getting the substitution mindset.


Ingredients:     (makes 8 small wraps approx. 20cm diameter)

225g plain flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

50g butter / vegetable shortening

150ml water



1. Mix dry ingredients and rub into fat until resembles breadcrumbs.

2. Gradually add water to form dough and knead briefly on a floured surface. Allow to rest whilst you preheat a dry frying pan / hotplate.

3. Divide into 8 equal sized balls and roll each flat, as evenly round and as thin as possible. Mine always come out pretty wonky, you could always trim it into a prefect circle with a knife but I quite like the rustic appeal of a wonky flatbread, I promise it tastes the same! That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it! :D

4. Carefully transfer to the hot pan and cook until bubbles begin to form on the surface.

5. Flip your tortilla over like a pancake and cook until the bubble-spots are lightly browned - a few black bits only help to improve the personality of the bread (not too many mind you)!

6. Repeat the process for all 8 tortillas, keeping the others warm in a stack under a clean tea towel or cloth until you're ready to serve the filling. Enjoy immediately!


We'd love to hear from you, share your favourite fillings in the comments below!

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My name is Sarah and in 2011 my husband Ryan and I decided to buy and re-fit an old motor home - we named it Waki and now live in it full time in the UK!

We live neither on or off-grid, rather somewhere in between, and are not the first and I dare say not the last to choose this way of life... read more>> 

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