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Carrot & Baby Leek Hash Browns recipe

carrot & baby leek hash browns recipeA great way to use up some leftover veggies - get yourself some carrots, leek or onion and potato, pair it with a poached egg and you have yourself a wholesome and delicious breakfast! Or go the whole hog (get it?) and serve them with a full English! ;)

That being said, you really don't have to have bacon at breakfast, pair these incredible sides with an egg, mushrooms, a tomato & some beans and you have all the morning protein you need with more than enough flavours to entertain your taste-buds!


Leeks are usually an Autumn and Winter vegetable, that is if you wait for it to get to it's full size and summer baby leeks have a sweet and delicate onion flavour. If you can't get hold of any leeks that's OK, these go just as well with chives, spring onions or you could even try Wild Garlic

Hash browns can be a little messy to prepare and ideally require a grater so this recipe is probably more in the motor home or camper van category - that being said the determined tent camper could part-cook and simply chop the veg ultra-finely with a knife or opt for a space saving folding grater! Think camping mentality


Ingredients:    (makes approx. 4)

1 large potato

1 medium carrot

a handful of finely chopped baby leeks/spring onions or chives

salt & pepper

1 tsp dried parsley / 1/2 tsp finely chopped fresh

1/2 an egg, beaten / 1 egg white

+ a dusting of plain flour to coat

oil for frying



1. Grate the carrot and potato into a clean tea towel or muslin cloth placed over a bowl.

2. Bring the edges of the cloth together and squeeze out as much moisture as you can. Discard the liquid (or add to a soup if you hate wastage like me!) and tip the gratings back out into the bowl.grated carrot & potato + baby leeks & seasoning... hash browns recipe

3. Add the chopped leeks and parsley and season well with the salt and pepper. Add the beaten egg/white and mix well with a fork.

4. Carefully shape into patties (no more than 1cm thick) on a floured surface and fry in oil on a medium heat until crisp and golden, turning carefully once.

5. Serve immediately!


Making from Leftovers: This recipe can be done using cooked ingredients, though turns to mash easily so is best limited to using one of either a cooked carrot OR potato so there's still something to help hold things together. 


Why not experiment with other root veg? We love to hear how you've used or adapted our recipes in the comments below!


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