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We're not going anywhere... and that's slightly the problem!

Posted 19/12/2017

We have big news and like most news it is neither good nor bad, though it might seem bad at first. The news is that Waki is currently off the road and has been for some time now. I know, it sounds shocking but don't worry, all is not lost!

At the moment we remain parked at ‘base camp’ in Bedfordshire which is both Ryan’s place of work and therefore our base of operations and exploration, continuing escape to distant lands on two wheels, by car, and even by paddle if needs be! ;) 

Against all of our best intentions, these last few years living in Waki have flown by and unfortunately taken their toll quicker than we have been able to keep up with the repairs. For a while I was understandably terrified of what it might mean, if I didn’t see this project through to a ‘completion’ does it mean I’m a failure? I battled with that one for a while but came to the conclusion that, well no, we've still achieved a whole heap of tough asks; we dragged our butts out of debt, tore this rotten old van apart and built her back up from the inside out ON AN ALMOST-NOTHING BUDGET, created a home that’s ours (and which has, mostly, keep the rain off our heads), built this website, and even thrown a wedding in the mix! Most importantly, our main takeaway is that we’ve been able to dip our toes into what it takes to live a life on the road, 'grid' adjacent, exploring new places and fulfilling our own daily water, waste, and energy requirements - as well as making much healthier and more ethical diet and lifestyle switches.

It’s been a wild 6 years so far, and since when is any project like this ever really ‘finished’ per say?

So before you sign off no The Waki Way is not over, not by far! Rather, it’s time to begin searching for another van to call home, a Waki 2/II/+/ultra I don't know (we'll figure out a suitably cool name when we get to it!) - we already have so many exciting options and ideas to work with... (continued)

The design work has been evolving the entire time we’ve been living in Waki; all of the things we wanted to do better but didn’t have the time, technology, or cash at the time, or all those nifty ideas we’ve thought of after the fact or been inspired by others, and so on. The truth is you can never really know what you want (or need) until you’re fully immersed in said scenario, and you’re never finished until you can’t go on.


Perhaps old Waki the motor home is finished, it does make me a little sad of course – I had big plans for her final beautification and design, there were gatherings to be attended, plus I’d really have liked to see her get her black ‘classic’ number plates at 40 but that's life I suppose. The idea of starting again is pretty daunting, though we’re much better prepared this time around...

In the Hopi language the word Waki means ‘shelter’ and she has certainly fulfilled that duty for us, in a spiritual sense as well as the physical. I remember that it was Waki that allowed us the chance to find another way of living outside of the 9-5 renters routine, Waki enabled us to get out of debt and afford to switch to an Organic diet in the first place, and it was Waki that hauled us grumbling up some extreme inclines to reach the High North Coast of Scotland and the stunning wildernesses we enjoyed there and beyond.

So thanks Waki old girl, we hope we do you proud in your replacement… and thanks to everyone who has followed and supported us so far – we hope you enjoy the story to come! :) x

Sarah is an artist and writer with a lifetime interest in camping and survival techniques.

Living the #vanlife since before it was a hashtag and touring on two wheels with her husband Ryan, they have a wealth of camping and motorcycling knowledge to share, and know a thing or two about packing light! read more

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