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Foraging Friday (week 24) Summer Fungi

Posted 15/6/2018

Hi folks, while I prefer to do the telling most weeks, there are times when I simply must bow to the foraging experts and today is one of those days! Many of you might be surprised at the notion of gathering mushrooms in Summer (they're meant to be a wet weather forage right?) but if there is rain enough to grow plants there will be mushrooms too - you just need to look in the right places and know what you're looking for...

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Perfect eggs & water safety...

Posted 13/6/2018

Welcome to another Waki Wednesday where this week we look at two extremely important topics that can make or break your day - perfect eggs and water safety! ;)

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Foraging Friday (week 23) - Wild Strawberries

Posted 8/6/2018

Wild Strawberries are almost ripe & ready for eating!

At only 1cm in diameter Wild Strawberries are MUCH smaller than what we're used to finding in the supermarket, even compared to our daintier English varieties but well worth tasting!

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A Day Late but Worth the Wait!

Posted 7/6/2018

A day late, but 'ultimately' worth the wait! (it will make sense in a minute) Check out this weeks features:


The ULTIMATE road-trip music playlist
We've compiled our favourites to create quite possibly the widest mix of driving songs you'll ever find! Covering anything from pop to rock, hip-hop, reggae, dance, indie, and even a spot of new age and metal...
Let's hear it >

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Foraging Friday (week 22) Elderflower

Posted 1/6/2018

Elder is flowering now, we show you how to turn it into a refreshing Summer drink!

Elder is an easily recognisable hedgerow shrub, sporting great frothy bundles of flowers in June - I say it's easy, there are some lookalikes to the untrained eye but (as with anything) once you know it, you know it!

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On A Wet Wednesday Afternoon

Posted 30/5/2018

(from the newsletter)

Today I type to the sound of rain on a tin, well aluminium, roof. It's wet days like these that call for a good book and nothing much else to do, check out our picks below:


Camping Books: our picks
Of course you love camping, you wouldn't be here if you didn't! 

It's nice to take a break from the digital screen and thumb through some paper pages - here's our latest recommendations...
Show me the books >

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Foraging Friday - Rosebay Willowherb

Posted 25/5/2018

Rosebay Willowherb aka Fireweed is worth meeting, even if just to admire the impressive flowers!

Towards the end of Summer the gelatinous pith from inside the thick stems can be removed and is high in carbohydrate. It’s most useful for thickening soups and stews, though can be eaten raw with a texture and flavour likened to a peppery cucumber.

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This week... (week 21)

Posted 23/5/2018

More camping & outdoors articles, upcoming events below, plus hot weather motorcycling advice for you here>


Which SPICES to bring?
It can be tricky to know which spices to pack if you're buying your main meal ingredients when you arrive.
Choose wisely and you can go in any direction you desire, whatever limited supplies the local shop has to offer...
Show me some SPICE! >

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Foraging Friday (week 20) Herb Robert

Posted 18/5/2018

Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) is one of those plants we’ve likely encountered many times with hardly a further thought other than to appreciate it’s beauty, or perhaps we’ve gardened it away in irritation. If only we’d known sooner just what a nutritional and medicinal powerhouse we were looking at...

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What's new this week (week 20)

Posted 16/5/2018

Here's to another Waki Wednesday and the very best Camping and Outdoors content we're offering this week:


10 of the Best UK Holiday ideas (for nature lovers)!
Our pick of the top 10 most spectacular places to visit and outdoor activities for a wildlife-centred holiday you'll never forget! Head out to rugged Islands, spot Seals and Dolphins, or camp at a zoo...
Get dreaming, or booking, here>


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