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Introducing Waki

Posted 12/12/2011

I know most people think that naming a vehicle is ridiculous, and I certainly don't name all of my vehicles but I figured this one needed a name, like a boat does. As we plan on getting rid of the rust that nickname had to go, so we decided on Waki which is a native American word for 'shelter' (from the Hopi language) and lets face it we're both very wacky to be doing this in the first place! You gotta love a good pun ;)

So here she is on the day we got her home, Waki the 20ft long 1985 Dreamliner Vogue with a Fiat cab. It's funny how we vowed we would NOT get a Fiat one (Fix It Again Tomorrow!) but I suppose it's not so bad as actually has a different engine. Most of the Dreamliner's have a 2.0L Petrol engine but this has been changed to a 2.5L Diesel with Citroen badges on it - we don't actually know what the engine is from which will make finding parts interesting. 
Waki the motor home on day 1!Waki the motor home on day 1!
She has plenty of rust around the cab and doors, but that can be easily remedied and was to be expected with a van of her age. Ryan seems to feel a certain attachment as he is the same age! The body is good with just a few dents and dings, and needs a re-spray but that's another of Ryans talents so no problem there either.
The layout is pretty much as this one below, with just a slightly smaller shower room which we need to buy a toilet for and so one less cupboard than shown in front of the rear bunks.
The kitchen (below) is in good condition and has everything we need to start with, but we may yet switch things around. The shower room is nicely finished with a fold down sink and an old vanity unit that will come down in favour of the suction corner shelves for our shampoo etc.

Below is the view to the rear from the living room showing the rear bunks and the kitchen area.
Below left is the L-Shaped sofa which we will leave as it is, there is a table that can be fixed into the floor on a single pole to create a very handy dinette/crafting desk.

Opposite the sofa there is another small seat for two which can be made up with the sofa to become another double bed, but it will instead be another storage area and home to my Corn Snake 'Kaa' to add yet another mad twist to our plans! The passenger seat also swings round to face the living area and we plan to get the boss-kit to do the same with the drivers side so we don't lose too much spare seating.

And finally below is the fixed bed platform that we will use as we don't fancy making our bed up every single day to a sofa and then back again. After the night spent at the Services where Ryan spent the entire time crushed up against the window we decided we definitely need a proper mattress, preferably a few inches wider but I think most of the problem was that I was subconsciously terrified of falling off out of bed so didn't use the full space! I figure that's just something you get used to, after all I don't fall out of my regular bed at the moment so this one shouldn't be any different...

Sarah is a UK artist and writer with a lifetime interest in camping and survival techniques.

Living the #vanlife since before it was a hashtag and touring on two wheels with her husband Ryan, they have a wealth of camping and motorcycling knowledge to share, and know a thing or two about packing light! read more

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