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Dust off the camping kit, Summer's coming!

Posted 2/5/2018

The gorgeous weather the week before last saw us dust off the camping kit for a brief stay in The Lakes. Perhaps our early optimism was to blame for the return to arctic conditions we endured afterwards (sorry about that) but it hasn’t stopped us dreaming of summer adventures. 

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Camping & hiking - A side of nature with that sandwich? Going hiking on your lunch break.

If you’re an office worker that’s lucky enough to get a whole hour for your lunch break then why waste it thumbing through a social media newsfeed at your desk? Take back YOUR lunch time and go for a walk!

Being in the presence of nature (even if it’s just the landscaped shrubs around the industrial estate you work at) does wonders for our emotional and mental well being, not to mention the health benefits you’ll get from moving your body during an otherwise sedentary day. Read our tips to help you get the most out of your nature break…


Outdoor product of the week: the BEST insect-repellents

When dreaming of warm weather we forget the downside until we’re scratching a fresh bite! Discover the best performing insect repellents as tested by the folks at reviews .com so you can enjoy nature - without it enjoying you!

Vanlife: Could you accidentally be ‘drunk in charge’ whilst parked up for the night?

It can be easy to forget that your camper is still a vehicle governed by the laws of the road, even when you're fast asleep inside! To many it may seem utterly ridiculous that we might be arrested for drink driving when parked up for the night, but in the eyes of the law a motor home is no different to a car!
If you think you might spend a night in the 'wild' you need to familiarise yourself with the road laws regarding your vehicle and personal situation. Continue reading...


Vehicle product of the week: Fire Angel

Don’t forget to check your CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR is still working – or that you have one! Myself and Ryan have had two experiences in our lifetimes of a monoxide issue, more recently in the motor home a faulty fridge flame set off our alarm which helped us to address the problem before encountering any health problems... find out more.


Camping recipes: Convenient Foil Packet recipes (and what you can use instead of foil!)

I always pack a few turns of foil which helps to further insulate our cooler bag as well as being there for creating all manner of things about camp (a stove windbreak for instance). However the over use of aluminium in personal care and cooking has been linked to degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimers so while convenient, it seems it does come with a price.

There’s also the heavy waste element of this ‘throwaway’ mentality I feel we’ve let get out of hand in modern times, convenience shouldn’t cost us the earth. Yes I still use foil, but sparingly, and now I’ve been trialling alternative ways to get the convenience and function of the ‘packet’ WITHOUT slowly poisoning us or wasting precious resources… keep reading.


BIG THIS WEEK is our guide to camping stoves to help you decide what will work best for you this camping and festival season.

The Caravan & Motorhome Show (Bath) 11th-13th May

The Bushcraft Show (Derby) 26th-28th May 


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Sarah is an artist and writer with a lifetime interest in camping and survival techniques.

Living the #vanlife since before it was a hashtag and touring on two wheels with her husband Ryan, they have a wealth of camping and motorcycling knowledge to share, and know a thing or two about packing light! read more

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