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We always seem to get asked the same questions about living somewhat off grid in a motor home, to which the answers seem to spark a dozen more questions! So (to give our voices a rest!) here's the answers to our most frequently asked questions...

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A Sense of Scale

Posted 30/10/2017

This weekend I took a beautiful walk by myself around the deer park at Woburn (Bedfordshire), and the sensation of the day was one of scale. Not only are there some impressively sized animals roaming the land around there but the trees are gigantic as well! I spent most of the time staring up into the branches with an equal scale grin spread across my face as the sunlight played through what remained of the changing leaves. I do love Autumn.


Feeling small in our every day lives is usually seen as a bad thing, of being vulnerable, ineffective perhaps, but standing next to a giant tree with my tiny palm laid against just one crack of it’s bark I did not feel bad about being so insignificant...

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Messing about on the River

Posted 3/9/2017

Myself and Ryan have long dreamed of the freedom of paddling a kayak along many of the waterways and coastlines we enjoy sitting beside, though like many things it wasn’t something we ever seemed to get around to doing – until this week!

A neighbour of ours at ‘base camp’ suggested combining a trip up our local river with a spot of wild camping and well, as if we needed any further prompting in the matter… we were in!

In return for the loan of a craft for Ryan I offered to take care of the catering aspect of the trip, and we managed to find another kayak to borrow for myself to use. Needless to say a big thank you for that! ♥

I had last paddled a kayak as a child on a school adventure trip, and Ryan had a little more recent experience from around 10 years back, of course we have a healthy respect for water of any kind but we had chosen a fairly friendly river to rediscover the activity relatively safely. After a few last minute purchases (we both needed new sleeping tarps) we packed our camping kit, bagged everything we didn’t want wet, and hoped that we still remembered what to do…

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National 'Real Bread' Week

Posted 10/5/2017

Home-made boule #realbreadweek


I can’t believe we’re halfway through National Real Bread Week and I’ve only eaten one slice so far, and it was slice from the freezer at that! Well that certainly had to be remedied, a trusty Boule would soon fix that…


What is the real bread campaign all about? Never heard of it? OK, neither had I, but I really love bread so I wanted in! I’m pretty sure the bread I’ve eaten in the past has all been real. I mean I don’t think it was imaginary, although I do have a pretty active imagination, it might have been a hologram since some scientists say that the universe itself is a hologram but perhaps let’s not get into that… that's definitely one for the camp fire.

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Nip and tuck

Posted 22/11/2016

The large area of fibreglass filled damage on the side.The large area of fibreglass filled damage on the side.The super moon of the 14th promised a dramatic shift in cosmic energy, supposedly bringing emotional changes and a spot of home stability (if you believe in that sort of thing of course!) and it certainly didn't disappoint, though I think my finger tips are bruised... :/

How on earth do you bruise finger tips, you might wonder? Over five days straight (and the evenings too!) of sanding the acres of corrugated bodywork on Waki is what did it for me, but it was totally worth it! :D

The rough state of her bodywork has annoyed me for years, not so much because of the flaky paint nor the myriad of dents here and there but more in the knowledge that the metal work was quite literally peppered with tiny holes, each threatening to let in the rain and potentially ruin all of the hard work we'd put into fixing up the interior! Long term readers might recall that we gave her a thorough coating of white metal paint before our wedding, to help seal the holes and to smarten up the funky brown and orange stripes she was sporting originally but that was over three years ago and even the tough metal paint was now wearing thin in places exposing some of those dreaded holes. Let's face it, she didn't look good! You may wonder why didn't we just sort out the bodywork when we first got her? ...

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Foraging Friday begins!

Posted 26/8/2016

I've decided to begin a weekly themed recipe post so welcome to 'Foraged Friday', a weekly recipe/instructional based on something forageable (spell checker says that's not a word!) forage-able? Ah, you know what I mean! Free food! ;)


Every week there will be something exciting, easy to identify and accessible to many of us to try, that's 52 WILD FOOD RECIPES PER YEAR! That should get our recipe database filled up nicely... To start us off this week we begin at the coast with Sea Purslane and Marsh Samphire, follow the link below to the new Foraging section of the site.

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Bean can planters for the Base Camp garden

Posted 11/7/2016

Our recycled bean can planters!Our recycled bean can planters!I've done my usual and spread out around base camp! It was inevitable really, leave me too long in any one place and I'll soon have a whole garden of herbs and vegetables growing around me!

See?Base camp last springBase camp last spring Base camp now!Base camp now!

I love growing things (especially food!) and it was something I really missed when we were working together and on the road. It's the perfect way to take a break from the laptop and get a bit of fresh air, and it's lovely to listen to the sounds of the birds nearby and hear the busy buzz of the bees and other pollinators enjoying the flowers you've provided.

The thing is I'm as much a miser as I am a gardener and so I don't ever want to buy brand new pots or planters, plus buying things for a camp spot does end up rooting more than just plants to the place and who wants to stay tied down? ;)

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Forward Momentum

Posted 21/10/2015

I have to say that this year feels like one of those in which I've been constantly surprised at the rapid pace of it's progression, though unfortunately not on anything I'd intended to get done! As usual I've piled a lot on my plate and it's this habit that I've needed to address recently since it rarely gets results other than frustration and stress... After all Zen is meant to be doing one thing at a time, whole heartedly, and I have noticed myself flitting busily between an array of 'very important' tasks that must be completed but never quite finding completion in any of them.


People well-meaningly ask how 'business' is going... (read more)

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Improving 'Base Camp'

Posted 10/4/2015

Fiamma Privacy RoomFiamma Privacy RoomWe've adapted well to living full time in our 20ft tiny home, I certainly don't suffer the kind of cabin fever I initially expected to given that I still spend the majority of my time inside writing and working on projects. That being said, there are still things that just can't be done inside Waki and the wind out awning can still be a bit draughty underneath in Winter so we finally bit the bullet and purchased a privacy room to finish it off.

The Fiamma product range is pretty pricey and so we researched suppliers of canvas awning sides etc that we could use to make one 'The Waki Way' but after seeing exactly what you get for your money with a genuine Fiamma Privacy Room we realised that it was worth spending the money on! You definitely get what you pay for and at £630 we consider it something of an investment towards our quality of life. We hope to use it for summer shade, winter warmth and perhaps even as a stall for the future when we get to the shows. We'll of course do a full review sometime soon for the recommended section.

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A rolling stone gathers no... mouse?

Posted 16/2/2015

I guess we've been parked for way too long as Waki has ended up with a few not-so-welcome visitors! On hearing scratching noises behind the fridge early one morning we quickly realised that we must have mice. To be fair we expected that we'd get some visitors since it's just us and farm buildings around here and I don't mind as long as it's only occasional and they keep to themselves, however they haven't kept to themselves!

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The Waki Way's new base

Posted 1/1/2015

Shortly before Christmas, and through a typically fortuitous series of events, Ryan found himself what can only be described as a fantastic new full-time job as a mechanic with an agricultural engineering company instead of working part-time in the warehouse with me. It did however mean that we both now needed to be in different places at the same time, so couldn't be on-the-road as such without bringing my car along as well! Talk about a spanner in the works but it was most certainly one of those not-to-be-missed opportunities for Ryan to branch out into a new area of expertise...

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My name is Sarah and in 2011 my husband Ryan and I decided to buy and re-fit an old motor home - we named it Waki and now live in it full time in the UK!

We live neither on or off-grid, rather somewhere in between, and are not the first and I dare say not the last to choose this way of life... read more>> 

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