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Foraging Friday (week 29) Dead Nettle

Posted 20/7/2018

White dead nettle - my favourite hiking snackOther names: Dumb Nettle, White Archangel

Lamium album

It might have an ominous sounding name, but it’s really referring to the lack of sting despite it’s appearance being that of a type of nettle.

It’s a clever appearance to wear, much like the insects that ‘dress’ like wasps but are actually harmless, since most of us learn to recognise stinging nettles by a young age for one reason and afterwards wish to leave them well alone!

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Newsletter (week 29)

Posted 18/7/2018

I've been working a temporary office job for the last couple of weeks (gotta do what you've gotta do!) which means I've had very little time to write my usual in depth camping articles - I still have something for you though! Read the latest this week from us & others around the web:

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Foraging Friday (week 28) Seaweed

Posted 13/7/2018

This week I bow to the wisdom of Robin Harford from Eatweeds and his guide to the edible seaweed to be found around the UK coastline... Technically there are no poisonous species but some are more palatable than others so get reading and know your seaweed. 

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What's hot this week? Us!

Posted 11/7/2018

It's hot living in a metal box (thank goodness for air con!) but what else is hot this week? Be first to read our latest articles below...

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Foraging Friday (week 27) How well do you know your PLUMS?

Posted 6/7/2018

how well do you know your Wild PLUMS?Did you know there are over 400 species in the Prunus genus, the family including Cherry, Apricot & Plums?

Our focus today is the Prunus domestica branch of the family (like what I did there?) and the sweet Plum fruits that are ripe for the picking in mid to late Summer... 

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First-Time Camping TIPS + Charging your Gadgets (newsletter)

Posted 4/7/2018

Hope you're getting the most out of this sizzling weather - our solar panel has been rolling in the power, which brings us to the first article of this week...

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Foraging Friday (week 26) Sea Aster

Posted 29/6/2018

Sea Aster #ForagingFriday (week 26)Many argue that Sea Aster is better than the more fashionable Marsh Samphire - it's certainly easier to get at, we like both!

A salty green with a decent crunch and plenty of flavour, it tastes like it's doing you good! They grow in the drier mud... 

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The Waki Way Newsletter (week 26)

Posted 27/6/2018

This week discover the TOP places to hire a motor home + outdoor advice on how to stay safe from ticks & other suckers:

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Foraging Friday (week 25) Sea Beet

Posted 22/6/2018

sea beet - foraging recipeIf ever there was an excuse to head to the coast this weekend, this might be it!

Sea beet is the wild ancestor of the familiar vegetables beetroot and chard, and a plant you’ve likely noticed but passed by for favour of dipping a toe in the surf instead.

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I might have gone on a bit, but it's a good thing!

Posted 20/6/2018

This week I thought I'd write a quick post on Wilderness First Aid since that's my specialty, over 4000 words later I think we got it covered! Check it out below along with our Vanlife article and upcoming events...

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Living the #vanlife since before it was a hashtag and touring on two wheels with her husband Ryan, they have a wealth of camping and motorcycling knowledge to share, and know a thing or two about packing light! read more

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