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Re-visit the refurbishment of Waki the motor home, our projects and adventures around the UK, past updates and everything else that's come with living in a motor home full time. See also our motorcycle adventures On 2 Wheels...


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Forward Momentum - 20th October

Improving Base Camp - 10th April 

A rolling stone gathers no...mouse? - 16th February

The Waki Way's new base - 1st January


Silver Linings - 21st October

Things aren't always what they seem - 12th June

Here and there - 5th May

Miniature mobile kitchen garden - 3rd April

The search for land - 23rd March

A good start - 21st March

The Wood Burning Stove - 27th January

Gracious Greyhound - 25th January

A New Year of opportunity - 1st January


A petrol powered laptop? - 30th December

Day to Day - 3rd December

Unveiling - 13th November

Welcome to! - 13th October

Honeymoon: Week 2 - 30th September

Honeymoon: Week 1 - 25th September

Positive progress - 6th September

The countdown begins - 10th August

Beautiful bathroom! - 3rd June

Paintwork - 2nd June

Icicles! - 26th March

A loo with a view - 15th March

Every cupboard has a plastic lining... -15th March 

3 Months of silence - 2nd March


Happy Halloween, the night of endings and beginnings - 31st October

Another weekend away - 24th October

The Camper Van Cookbook - 29th September

Introducing Kaa - 26th September

Engagement! - 13th September

Amazing Eco-fi fabric - 8th September

Project Playlist - 31st August

Flooring, Floods and Filters - 30th July

Jubilee weekend work - 7th June

Road Trip! - 21st May

Riding out the storm - 9th May

The Expanding Foam Monster - 5th May

Spring Clean - 3rd May

Wallpaper - 2nd May

Busy Busy! - 10th April

The Roof: part 2 - 15th March 

The over-cab section - 15th March 

Walls! - 13th March

Sweet FA! - 8th March 

Fabulous Fabric! - 5th March 

Day Zero Project - 25th February

The Roof: part 1 - 10th February

Insulation - 7th February

Back to bare basics - 22nd January 

He stole my tinsel! - 18th January

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! - 3rd January


Got Wood? - 11th December

First Outing - 11th December

First things first - 10th December

The inevitability of breaking down - 10th December

Introducing Waki - 9th December

Wales and butterflies - 9th December (the beginning!)

Sarah is an artist and writer with a lifetime interest in camping and survival techniques.

Living the #vanlife since before it was a hashtag and touring on two wheels with her husband Ryan, they have a wealth of camping and motorcycling knowledge to share, and know a thing or two about packing light! read more

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